DriveTribe, Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘YouPorn For Cars’, Is Finally Live

DriveTribe, Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘YouPorn For Cars’, Is Finally Live

There’s a new social network in town. If you like cars, that is. DriveTribe is kinda like Pinterest for motoring nerds, and it’s just launched after a long wait.

The “home of epic motoring and pulse-racing adventure”, this is DriveTribe:

Notoriously grumpy British motoring presenter Jeremy Clarkson once called it “YouPorn for cars”, and that description kinda makes sense.

DriveTribe is made up of hundreds of different tribes — each essentially its own Pinterest-style posting board and blog — that are split between user-contributed and owner-curated. Jeremy Clarkson has his own Tribe, for example, as does James May and Richard Hammond, while there’s a Car Spotters Tribe for users to share photos of the exotics they’ve seen.

At the moment, it all feels very new and fresh and a little bit empty. With enough time and effort and critical mass, though, DriveTribe might actually evolve into a fully-fledged network that fills the niche car enthusiasts have been looking for online for a long time.

Amazon is apparently “absolutely fine” with the trio doing this, too — apparently it’s something the Grand Tour team has specifically signed into their contracts. No-one on any side of this is short of a few dollars to start with, so what’s a brand new social network between friends? [DriveTribe]