Domino's Actually Delivered A Drone Pizza For Real

Domino's makes a lot of bold statements. Domino's thinks pizza robots are going to be a thing. After a couple of months working on drone pizza delivery, it's actually done one in New Zealand.

At precisely 11:19AM NZDT today, Domino's and Flirtey delivered two pizzas — one peri-peri chicken (good stuff) and one chicken and cranberry (ew) — to a customer in Whangaparoa, 25 kilometres north of Auckland on NZ's north island. It's apparently the first of "many" deliveries that will take place this week.

Domino's boldly states that drone deliveries can avoid congestion and traffic lights, reducing the time and distance it takes for piping hot pizzas to reach customers' homes. "This is the future", it boldly states. At least it actually delivered, pardon the pun, on one of its promises. I'm still waiting for the tank-like pizza robot to roll up to my front door.

And of course commenters are already asking whether Domino's is going to get fined $9000, like that guy who got a Bunnings sausage roll. (No, it won't — the drone delivery was approved by New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority.)

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