Australia Unaffected By Samsung Washing Machine Recall

Australia Unaffected By Samsung Washing Machine Recall
Image: Samsung

If there’s one company that can’t wait until 2016 is over, it’s Samsung. First, exploding phones and now, faulty washing machines. Fortunately for the latter case, it’s not something we, nor Samsung Australia has to worry about, with its top-loader problems isolated to the US.

In an email release yesterday, Samsung Australia made it clear that top-loading washing machines sold locally are “not affected” by the recall.

“Samsung Electronics Australia is not aware of any confirmed cases of this issue involving top loader models sold or supplied in Australia,” the statement says. However, it will “continue to undertake due diligence with regard to this issue”.

Samsung US made the recall announcement on Friday. While the faulty machines won’t explode, bits of them may “unexpectedly detach”. Not as bad, I suppose, but not something the company could really sweep under the rug.