Amazon Launches Kindle Unlimited In Australia

Image: Amazon

Amazon's all-you-can-eat Kindle Unlimited subscription service for e-books is finally available in Australia. $13.99 a month will get you access to any of a million different Kindle titles on your e-book reader, or iOS or Android phone or tablet.

Kindle Unlimited, which launches today, also includes tens of thousands of Australia's best-selling titles already available on the Kindle store on top of the million of apparently-exclusive titles that Amazon's digital bookstore already has. As long as you remain a Kindle Unlimited member and dutifully pay your $13.99 monthly fee, you'll be able to download and read any and every book you can think of.

This all comes as the Kindle itself starts being stocked in JB Hi-Fi stores across the country — useful, since Kindle Unlimited works on the brand's internet-connected e-book readers as well as the free Kindle app for iOS and Android and Windows gadgets. If you're not sold, or you can't see yourself getting $13.99 of reading done every month, Amazon has a 30-day free trial going.

That's an interesting price tag to be putting on Kindle Unlimited, though — although comparable to other parts of the world, considering it costs $US9.99 in the States. You could buy yourself a Netflix or Stan subscription for yourself, or save that cash for another couple of weeks and see what Amazon decides to do with a certain streaming service widely rumoured to be launching on the 19th...

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