Adobe's New Photoshop For Audio Can Make You Say Anything

Using your voice as a password just became a lot less secure. But turning your friends' words against them to ruin their lives with mischief just got a lot easier. After less than half an hour of listening in on your speech and vocal patterns, Adobe's VoCo tool can imitate your voice and make you say pretty much anything.

Demonstrated at the digital media giant's Adobe Max 2016 creativity conference, the new VoCo audio editing suite is basically Photoshop for audio: a digital editing tool that can adjust a hundred million different parameters of whatever you're interpreting it with. In this case, the media is audio, and if you can supply it with 20 minutes of content, VoCo will have enough background to work with that it's possible to alter sentences and speech by adding new words just by typing them.

Motherboard makes the good point that in the last few decades, Photoshop has been used for a lot of unexpected purposes, including less than legal projects — have you tried to edit an image of a bank note in Photoshop recently? — and slightly morally dodgy tasks like distorting the bodies of women to meet and manipulate society's expectations of them. Here's hoping that VoCo has a few more noble uses in its wide open future. [YouTube]

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