You Can Now Play Music Through Dozens Of UE Boom Speakers At Once

Image: Gizmodo

Party up. That's what you can now do if you have two, or three, or four, or six dozen UE Boom or Megaboom or Boom 2 speakers from Ultimate Ears, now that a new software update for UE's app makes it possible to connect more speakers than any rational person could ever reasonably have.

The UE apps for iOS and Android have been updated with a new 'Party Up' mode, which scans over Bluetooth for any powered-on UE speakers in the phone's vicinity, and lets you connect them all to the app to play music simultaneously. It starts with one speaker, lets you go to stereo mode if you have two, and then you can just stack more and more and more and more speakers on top of that.

We didn't get a chance to see it in person, but apparently UE stacked together oh, around about 140 Booms and Megabooms simultaneously in Sydney last week. That's evidence that Party Up works pretty damn well, we think. It's a great extra if you've already got a couple of UE speakers and you want to add the couple of UE speakers that your friends have together, especially for a raging house party or day at the beach.

We don't need to sell UE's speakers to you any more than we already have. We think they're awesome. I bought my dad a UE Boom 2 for Christmas last year, and you should do the same for anyone you know, for any special occasion in their life, ever. Just do it.

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