Windows Update Ruins Lives

Windows Update Ruins Lives

Windows Update is frustrating as shit at the best of times. Windows 10 updates are even worse. Windows 10’s big-ass Anniversary Update? That takes the cake.

Over the weekend, it took out Antony Green in the middle of the ABC’s coverage of the ACT state election. We’ve had exactly the same thing happen in our office — again and again — over the last couple of weeks, knocking laptops and desktops alike out for as long as an hour while the Anniversary Update worked its devilry behind the scenes, so we can sympathise.

The problem with Update in Windows 10 is that it’s pushy. It gets in the way. We understand that it has to be slightly aggressive or most people just wouldn’t update, but c’mon, guys. There needs to be some “stop this update from happening just this one time, I promise” button that you can click to banish updates for at least a couple of hours or to let you restart your PC without losing all functionality for what could be half an hour or more. It just feels like punishment.

Here’s a few other great moments in Windows Update that we’ve found literally in the last five minutes:

Go on, tell us some of your horror stories. We know you have them. This is a safe space.