Wesley Snipes’ Twitter Is An Oasis Of Good In The Desert Of Bad Internet

Wesley Snipes’ Twitter Is An Oasis Of Good In The Desert Of Bad Internet

The internet can be a bad and scary place. Yesterday, we were offered a moment of reprieve when many websites went down, struck by a massive DDoS attack. But the internet is back today and everything is flowing just like it always has. The world continues to turn.

Images: Wikimedia Commons/Twitter

Now that things are back in order, and my sweet Twitter has returned, I have a new found appreciation for the luscious content she provides us. Sure, Twitter has had an abuse problem since its inception, that’s been exacerbated as of late, likely due to the 2016 election and the rise of the alt-right.

Twitter’s harassment problem is so bad for the company, that it might’ve been the reason nobody wanted to buy it.

But Twitter can also be a beacon of good. And White Men Can’t Jump star Wesley Snipes’ account teaches us the beauty that can be born out of the troubled social network.


Snipes has achieved great things with his Twitter. Last month, he put a call to action out to his fans: he wanted help finding one of his favourite jacket from the 1980s.

Eventually, the tax-evading actor gave up, conceding he likely left it on an aeroplane, but we were just grateful he took us on that journey. He continues to bless us with good pure tweets:

We truly love your energy too, Wesley. Never stop tweeting.