Watch Tony Hawk Geek Out Over His Favourite Gadgets

Watch Tony Hawk Geek Out Over His Favourite Gadgets

The Ride Channel just released a new video starring cool guy Tony Hawk, who is apparently obsessed with gadgets and technology. And you know what? Tony Hawk and this Gizmodo blogger have a lot in common.

Image: YouTube

“I think my introduction into tech was a calculator watch,” says the legendary skateboarder. “I was so fascinated that you could actually have a calculator on your wrist,” he says. “I remember relentlessly asking my dad for one for my birthday.”

Tony, guess what. I also love calculator watches. (I’m wearing mine right now!) I, too, had to beg my parents to buy me one when I was a pre-teen. But that’s not all. The rest of Tony’s list of favourite gadgets is a lot like my list of favourite gadgets.

“I went to Japan and bought one of the first Hi8 video cameras,” says Tony Hawk. “When I got home with that Hi8 camera, people were just like, ‘What?!’ Because it’s, like, the smallest one ever.”

Tony, guess what. I also owned a Hi8 camcorder back in the day, and my friends were also like, “What?!” I loved that little thing.

“I was the definition of early adopter back then,” he says. “I love technology, and it felt like it was moving so fast at the time — which is ridiculous now if you think about what’s available to us now. But I loved that new gadgets, new media was coming out, and I had to be on the forefront of it.”

Tony, guess what. Same! I am now a professional technology lover. We probably have more stuff in common, too, if you think about it. You like to make video games? I like play video games. You like to star in movies? I like to watch movies. You like to skateboard? I like to watch you skateboard.

So if you’re reading this, Tony, drop me a line. Let’s geek out together.