Vodafone Is Launching NBN Home Broadband Next Year

Image: Supplied

Vodafone is getting on board with the NBN. Australia's challenger telco already has plenty of customers on its mobile network, but it wants to convert those users into home broadband users too.

Details are scant on what the fixed-line service will involve, beyond it being delivered via the NBN. Like Telstra and Optus, Vodafone could attract customers by tempting them with cheaper bundle deals for mobile and fixed-line connection packages.

Like Telstra, it's also possible that Vodafone could ease the often rocky transition for customers to sign up an NBN service with a temporary mobile broadband home network using its 4G network, which covers the vast majority of the Australian population.

Vodafone Australia CEO Iñaki Berroeta said that customers on Vodafone already consumed 14,000 terabytes of data monthly on the telco's mobile network, and that new consumer and enterprise connections — starting on an as-yet-unrevealed date in 2017 — would boost that number considerably.

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