Universal's Monster Universe Better Look As Cool As Its Alex Ross Prints

Universal's Monster Universe might sound like a pretty bizarre (and public domain) alternative to the Marvel and DC cinematic universes, but if it looks anything like these prints Alex Ross made for the series reboot, it could be fantastic.

Ross has released a preview of his Classic Universal Monsters Set, which will officially debut at next year's San Diego Comic-Con. Ross, who's drawn iconic images of superheroes like Captain America, Superman, and Wonder Woman, recreated some of Universal's classic monster movies- many of which are being rebooted in the upcoming film series. Ross told io9 they're part of an official collaboration with Universal's Monster Universe.

Credit: Alex Ross Art / Facebook

Right now, there at least six films in the works for Universal's Monster Universe, starting with The Mummy in 2017. Sadly, it won't feature Brendan Fraser firing guns and sass in equal measure against an undead dude in a loincloth. This time around, Tom Cruise will be battling an ancient queen wearing convenient PG-13 bandages who's been wronged by destiny, or something like that.

There are also planned films for The Invisible Man, Wolfman, Van Helsing, and others, though all of them are in early development with no release dates. Apparently, the guy writing the Bride of Frankenstein movie is super psyched about his upcoming film, which is awesome because it's the only one with a female lead so far.

In the meantime, we can all enjoy Ross' gorgeous renditions of some of cinema's most classic monsters, and cross our fingers that Universal will give them the respect they deserve in their upcoming renditions. If any series needs to harken back to the legacy of its predecessor, it would be the films of Universal's Monster Universe. Otherwise, we could end up with another Dracula 2000. And no one wants that.

Credit: Alex Ross Art / Facebook

Credit: Alex Ross Art / Facebook

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