This Video Clearly Shows That Robots Have Mastered Carpentry

It shouldn't come as a surprise that robots are replacing everything. Your dog. Builders. Even athletes. If you're employed in any sort of job that involves wood, well... I have some bad news.

A video on YouTube put together by "I Am Stankoff", shows various robots going about carpentry-related shenanigans. This includes models that can be physically trained, such as the lathe-bot at the start of the clip, to ones that work together to actually build stuff.

For example, about one minutes and 19 seconds in, you can watch while one robot picks up and positions planks, while another nails them into place.

I think the most amazing part is just how precisely our mechanical friends work. You'd expect them to look ungainly, but no, their movements are almost graceful.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]

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