This New Beats Ad Is All About Apple's Fancy New Bluetooth

Oh, and celebrities. It's full of celebrities.

Beats' new 'Got No Strings' ad riffs on some classic Pinocchio, but here's the twist: Pinocchio is DJ Khaled. Pinocchio is all of us. With a cast of celebs that stretches from Nicki Minaj to Steve Buscemi, the ad teases Beats' new and imminently released product line-up using Apple's new W1 wireless chip, which uses Bluetooth with some fancy Apple-only proprietary extras, it's more about the cool of the new ear-accessories than it is the tech. But we care about the tech too.

We've already seen the W1 chip be used to very good effect in the new AirPods, and Beats — y'know, the company that Apple bought for $3 billion — has first dibs on the new tech. Expect the same fancy extras like your headphones working on all your Apple devices as you move between them, with seamless first-time pairing and much more efficient low-energy standby usage.

In the video, shot in Apple's beautiful and really quite friendly new ad style, you'll see the Beats Solo3 Wireless (40 hours' battery life!), the PowerBeats3 (5 minutes' charge means an hour of playback!) and the slim, lightweight BeatsX earbuds. Don't have the time to watch all 102 seconds of Beats' new ad? Don't worry, here's the best bit in Streamable form:

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