This Is Nintendo's Next Console: The Switch

watch Nintendo Switch trailer

Nintendo's successor to the Wii U has arrived, and it's called the Switch. It's portable, it's cute and it's weird as all get out. Watch the three-minute trailer right here.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the next Nintendo console would look like a dinky metal cassette player, but here we are. The full Nintendo Switch trailer is below:

We'll be reporting on the Nintendo NX announcement tomorrow, but in the meantime, let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments section below.


    Day one. Easily. Well done Ninty.


        Nah learnt my lesson, I will wait.

          I've owned the past few gen Nintendo consoles day one, and although the last few have disappointed me, I get the feeling Nintendo can't afford for this to fail.

          Then again, I could be completely wrong and it's a major flop of a console/handheld.

          same, i do this every time with Nintendo and get nothing but disappointment with the lack of "promised" content.

          Bought the Wii U for Zelda release - still waiting.

          Whilst the Wii U was a flop, it's still worth owning just for the games I have which are immensely fun. SMB games, mario kart, splatoon, yoshis wooly world, resort, Super Smash Bro's, and a host of others. If i can have Mario Kart 8 or 9 or whatever on a portable device and not a gimped DS version, day one for sure.

          If rocket league comes out on the switch, I shall lose my absolute shit.

    I don't get the focus on portability, surely tablets and phones have this covered. I loves me some nintendo, however I feel this may not be a 'hit'. I hope I'm wrong

      I find tablet and phone games are made to be "quick" games or try to rob you blind with micro-transactions. Not to mention the compromise of playing on a touch surface. Something like this with actually games, no micro-transactions and controllers? Sign me up!
      But I admit I could be a minority as I am on a train over 2 and a half hours a day and have little time to game outside of that.

      Until tablets and smartphones came along, Nintendo was the sole king of portable gaming... even then the extra power will bring far superior games to portability market with a lower price point than a $1000 smart phone.

      Not really. I can't think of anything as large and complex as Skyrim on any non x86 based tablet, which is what we saw today. Tablets and phones have their place, but the successful games are those that are generally basic from an IO perspective and take advantage of the touch screen for input.

      I may have missed it, but I didn't notice any touch based input in the video. I'd be surprised if it isn't supported, but clearly the focus is on traditional gaming controls.

      As an owner of a Wii U and 3DS, I can't tell you how many times I wish I could have blown Majoras Mask or Ocarina of Time onto my TV or have taken Captain Toad, Mario Maker (upcoming release aside) or similar on the road with me. I think allowing the user to make their choice as to where they play their games as opposed to the developer is a powerful idea.

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      I don't mind the idea of docking a powerful tablet into a docking station that turns it into a console, but the big problem is you remove it from the dock and wander off. So the console can't be used. Fine if you live by your self, not so good if you've got a family. Can't help but think it'd be better to have a console *and* a tablet.

      That and the controllers look horrible.

        Well the tablet is the console so it can still be used. It seems closer to having a laptop with a docking station. The laptops always usable, the docking stations probably relatively useless without the laptop however.

        If you wanted both a home system AND a tablet, you could buy two and leave one permanently docked.

          Not as a console, not if someone has wandered off with it and is sitting in the yard (or on the roof apparently) playing Mario Kart 47 in tablet mode. That was the point while it can do both roles it can't do both at the same time

          I don't mean this to sound nasty (so apologies if it does) but this completely defeating the purpose of a modular/portable system. You be better off buying a console and a tablet not two hybrid devices. Unless of course the Switch is as cheap as a tablet but as powerful as a console (ie: PS4/Xbone). Otherwise you're paying more for less.

            Being able to take it away from the TV would work for me. If you have a large family then yes, sharing is an issue but same applies to other devices including the 3DS. There's still an option to buy more than one I guess similar to what you'd need with a DS anyhow.

            I'm the main gamer in our household, and no one would miss the system if I was to take it with me. That's not to say my situation is the same as everyone else and I do see where you are coming from, but I don't think it's quite that limited or short sighted a design as many people will benefit from such a system.

        While that may be an issue for a large family, (which we didnt see any families in the actual preview), the flip side is if the parents are hogging the television to watch TV or Netflix... you can yoink the Switch out of the cradle and go play it in your room.

          Which is something I find a bit weird. I mean Nintendo has been family first for... well for ever. Are they trying to change their market?

          Side note: better hope the parents aren't using the Switch to stream netflix or you'll be in strife if you yoink it :P

            I doubt they are changing their market but just trying to diversify it. We did see Mario Kart, Mario, Zelda and Splatoon which are all very Nintendo.

            I'd say they want to give their non traditional buyers something to think about before they go out and buy a Xbox or PS. I'm sure Skyrim was shown for a reason, particularly given a re-release is due out shortly. Shows some more adult titles and a big third party backer that had previously avoided Nintendo hardware.

    After almost never touching my Wii U I said that I'd be skipping this one, but after that I kind of want it..

      If you didn't like the games Nintendo put out for the wii u then I'd steer well clear of this, because the wii u had quite a few of the best games Nintendo has ever made.

        I guess I just miss my old Rare games, Rogue Squadron, Zelda (that I haven't played before), (good) Starfox.. even classic Mario Party. I mean Kart was great this gen and I know there are a lot of good platformers, but they aren't really my thing apart from a little Yoshi's Wooly World with my gf. I guess it just hasn't managed to keep me interested like the old consoles did (up to Gamecube) and the PS4 gets a lot more use.

    the new zelda... i dont care what the new console does/looks like/costs/eats... day one!

    Bring me a Goldeneye or Perfect Dark reboot and my money is your money.

      Unfortunately MS owns Rare who own Perfect Dark so that won't happen. Hopefully one day they explore that IP again (although I'd prefer a traditional Banjo game).

        If you've not heard of Yooka-Laylee yet you might want to look that up!

          I've backed it :) Would still love a Banjo too though...couldn't hurt to have more options and other than Mario the bright platformer genre can seem a tad barren at times.

      goldeneye source on PC

        There are also Playstation and Wii versions as well, but somehow it's not the same.
        Really I should just go and buy an old N64.............and probably be slightly disappointed.

    Interesting idea, but I think it is a bit complex all the configurations especially for kids.
    From the first look it seems like the whole motion sensor that made the Wii one of the biggest selling consoles, has been abandoned. The other issue is, without decent games, the hardware is useless. Nintendo seems to focus on rehashes of games like Mario and Mario Kart, along with shoveld out party games.

      They reuse the same entities, yes, but nintendo games are very rarely rehashes. These franchises have been around for thirty years and still have fewer, yet more distinctive entries than any other publisher.

      And if you do consider them rehashes, what do you think is going on with assassin's creed, call of duty, uncharted, God of war, dead rising, bioshock ...

      Kids handle complex toys better than adults so don't see that as an issue... rumors and speculation is Nintendo are throwing out their unique operating systems and going with a customised android operating system with mostly off-the-shelf programming languages and Nvidia Tegra coding (possibly vulcan)... to make the barrier to entry for developers lower and open the indie market,

      Those Mario, Zelda, Mario Karts, Smash Bros etc are all huge sellers and despite the lackluster success of the Wii U, have continued to be well received both critically and commercially. I don't see how their IP is an issue, just they need to win over third parties who can release those other titles Nintendo doesn't traditionally make.

      As for dropping the motion controllers, sounds good to me. The Wii U hanged onto them and it didn't add a lot. To me that'd be 'rehashing' things to keep sticking to that, and would likely scare off third party AAA titles as a response. I welcome a return to more traditional control schemes which should make third party porting easier, given the controllers will map very closely to other consoles unlike the Wiimote did.

      Also unlike the Wii and Wii U, the configurations seem pretty simple even if they are numerous. There doesn't appear to be a huge difference between the various controller options in terms of function, and as a result it all seems far more optional. Looks like there's just a few options in terms of form factor as opposed to the drastic difference between a Wii U Game Pad, Wii U Pro controller or Wii Remotes.

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    Look at the actors demographics... no families, no children... and red solo cups :P

    One of the games shown is rather blatantly TESV: Skyrim. This is a first for a Nintendo console, never mind a Nintendo TABLET! If this gamble works it could be a massive shake up of the home console market

    The promo is a turn off. Those people in the ads would not bring a console to a rooftop party in real life.
    Im sure the console has many "handy" uses but it's still going to be the underpowered console Nintendo always produces, and will always be the console that gathers the most dust.

      Agreed. I think this looks like garbage. I watched the Zelda promo on youtube and it seriously looks like phone graphics - but big. Yuck. No thanks. I think this will be a flop outside of fanboys.

    Nintendo will go the way of Sega and end up mostly making games for Android and iOS

    This promo seems to be an ad for showing all the great things you could be doing instead of playing a video game.

    Seems like I can look forward to improve my gaming experience with the new console of Nintendo. But I will rather wait for the feedback first. If it gets what it is said over here, I will switch my PlayStation ;)

    No thanks, The games they shower (One of them is a lie, Bethesda has stated they have no plans currently to bring skyrim to the NX) would run on the tablet, But only for less than an hour with the amount of batteries they could fit.

    Will only think about picking one up if its below $200 AUD

      Well 'no current plans' of course not the console is 5 months away. And from what I read they simply haven't said yes or no. I dunno about you but I see businesses deny products with marketing spiel all them time, next time you look they're on the confirmed list.

        The thing is the same companies listing support for the NX, did the same with the WiiU, Then they released next to nothing on the WiiU.

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