This Is How You Will Die

This Is How You Will Die

How You Will Die: it’s a simulator.

Plug in your race, age and sex. Then find out — according to the data — the statistical reasons for your potential death throughout your life.

Me? I’m white (as hell), male and 35 years old. And I’m pretty much gonna die of circulatory issues no matter what. Which is pretty terrible because I always imagined myself dying at 75 years old, climbing some badass mountain in a BLAZE OF GLORY.

The weird thing: I switched to a woman. If I was a woman, I’d be more likely to die from some sort of cancer. Interesting.

It’s all based on information taken from the Underlying Cause of Death database from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US. This is how actual people die and these results are calculated based on that information.

The terrifying thing: every single dot on this image represents a possible death for me at every possible age I might reach.

Cool, I’m gonna die a lot of circulatory deaths according to this thing. Great news.