This Gorgeous Stained Glass Dalek Is Just As Likely To Yell 'Excommunicate' As 'Exterminate'

What happens when you cross a Dalek with a stained-glass window? You get the most weirdly beautiful looking killer pepperpot the world has ever seen. This ridiculously ornate take on Doctor Who's most famous monsters was actually made for the cover of a Big Finish Doctor Who radio drama re "Order of the Daleks", in which Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor is menaced by a particularly dogmatic Dalek, wrought out of iron and plated with religious-themed stained glass panels. And, apparently, it also has a trident instead of a plunger for good measure, which is metal as hell, quite literally.

When the script for "Order" came in, Big Finish director Jamie Anderson knew the weird new Dalek had to feature on the drama's cover, but instead of getting an artist to simply draw the creature, he drafted in designer Chris Thompson to actually create the Dalek as a full CG model. Not the first time that the Daleks' fevered rhetoric has been linked to religious overtones, but certainly the most literal (and most pretty, which is an odd description to give to a Dalek). You can read more about Thompson's design process over at Anderson's website at the link below.

[Jamie Anderson via Tor]

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