This Gaming Robot Is A Moody Narcissist 

This Gaming Robot Is A Moody Narcissist 

Do not piss Deltu the delta robot off or it will stop playing games, ignore you, take a selfie and post it to Instagram. Cold.

Developed at the Swiss design school ECAL by Alexia Léchot, Deltu has been designed to interact with humans using two iPads and has a simple AI “personality”. In the video, you can see it play a matching game similar to Simon against a human opponent.

But when that opponent fails to prove themselves worthy, Deltu just quits and proceeds to snap the aforementioned selfie. If it had a human face it would probably look like this.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Wendy Behary, author of Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving and Thriving With the Self-Absorbed, has some advice that the little guy might find appropriate and useful: “My classic line is, ‘It’s not your fault you’re like this, but it is your responsibility at 45 or 50, to learn how to undo this, if you want to spare your relationships, keep your job intact.'”

For now, Deltu is just a young, mixed-up kid, but things can’t go on like this forever. Change comes from within.

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