The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out Of Nowhere

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

Earlier this week, we opened hailing frequencies and asked you, our beloved readers, about the books, comics, movies, games, and shows that you never expected would give you a sudden dose of the feels. We've compiled your responses, and here are the moments that made you the most verklempt.…

Naturally your replies are going to have some spoilery content in them for their respective series, so bear that in mind as we go on!

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

Gravity Falls

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

This one was my suggestion, mainly because of the show's bittersweet ending, but as Eregyrn notes, the show certainly did a surprising job of making you deeply care for the kranky weirdo that is Grunkle Stan.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

Star Trek has always had its fair share of sad moments, but it seems like Deep Space Nine was the one that got to you the most — many people, like SOCdriver, turned to Worf howling over the death of Jadzia Dax, but in terms of other deaths, Variatas mourned the death of Dukat's daughter Ziyal, while KingofDoma found the show's surprise sidestep into a reality where the crew were writers on a science-fiction magazine gut-wrenching.

Steven Universe

For a show about peace and love on planet Earth, Steven Universe loves to lull you into sudden bouts of intense blubbing, doesn't it? It was mostly the show's excellent soundtrack that got most people's eyes watering, but the consensus fell in line with Kontrovert's feelings: a show about lesbian space rocks should never make us this weepy, this often.

Mass Effect

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

There's plenty of things to get sad about in Bioware's sweeping sci-fi epic — especially in its final chapter — but ManhackMan nails it: the final, tragic words of everyone's favourite Salarian scientist, Mordin Solus.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

The Last Airbender was a show that quickly taught us that even the most unsuspecting episodes, completely unrelated to the ongoing story of the show, could deliver a precise gutpunch. Of them all though, there's only truly one that lives on in infamy among fans like Sir Dipping Sauce: "The Tales of Ba Sing Se."

Doctor Who

It's hard to pick a precise moment over Doctor Who's 50-plus years, but there were plenty to choose from in terms of heartbreak — Wolfmanjim pointed to '80s companion Tegan leaving the TARDIS, declaring that it "wasn't fun any more," while Mrs. Humansoup found the Doctor and River's relationship in last year's Christmas Special particularly saddening. If your lip isn't quivering just yet though, Senshi34 has an epic-length post filled with emotional moments from the most recent era of the show.

Adventure Time

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

Only one moment needed to be mentioned for Adventure Time, but everyone who mentioned the show uttered it alongside moonbunnychan: Marceline and Simon's tragic backstory.

Quantum Leap

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

For many commenters, Quantum Leap waited until its very last moment to plant a knife in our hearts: the final, silent closing card that revealed the fate of Sam Becket.

Justice League Unlimited

Paul Williams points out the moment that made DC's animated supershow about the Justice League truly brilliant TV: Batman and Ace in "Epilogue".…


The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

The one thing to learn from all this? We really never expect animated series to leave us as emotional wrecks, but they basically always do. Futurama was a very popular entry, with Jarlaxlecq being among many nothing the death of Fry's dog in "Jurassic Bark" as the perpetual tearjerker, but ChshreCat and quite a few others mentioned "Luck of the Fryrish" as equally upsetting.

Suffice to say, if it's an animated TV show, you can expect it to break your heart at some point.

The Whedon Trifecta

The Series That Broke Your Hearts Out of Nowhere

Only one person could rival animated shows for breaking our hearts, and he did it not once, not twice, but three different times on three different shows: Joss Whedon. The master of tugging at heartstrings broke us with Wash's death in Serenity and the passing of Fred in Angel, but without a shadow of a doubt for the vast majority of commenters, there was only ever one answer:

Buffy's "The Body", which saw the titular vampire slayer lose her mother, is a masterclass in the sudden, painful nature of loss and grief, so it's not surprising to see it mentioned by so many people — it really does come out of nowhere to stamp all over your heart.

Got any more moments that got you all sniffly beyond these? Post them in the comments and we'll work through those damned feels like it's a internet therapy group

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