The New Rogue One Poster Is The Best One Yet

The New Rogue One Poster Is The Best One Yet
Image: Disney

There’s a new poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It’s beautiful.

The Star Wars franchise has the first poster for Rogue One was gorgeous, and had that classic Star Wars poster art style, the new one is even better.

I think I like it even more than the two Japanese posters. If those are Style A, romantic and classic and simple and powerful, the new poster is very Style B — action-filled and frenetic with clashing visual elements. It’s just stunning. It does exactly what a poster is meant to do, and gets you excited.

This morning, I broke my usual strict rule of not watching a movie trailer more than once — I try to keep away from trailers at all, really, and go into a movie completely blank if I can. I break that rule very rarely, but the last film I did it for was The Force Awakens.

But this morning I watched the Rogue One trailer again. Then I watched it again, and then I looked at all the posters and production stills and behind-the-scenes footage. And I am hyped for Rogue One. I will remain that way until the first midnight screening on December 15th.