The New Rogue One Poster Is The Best One Yet

Image: Disney

There's a new poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It's beautiful.

The Star Wars franchise has a long history of incredible posters, stretching back to the classic golden age posters of the original film and that iconic Return of the Jedi Style B playbill. Even though the first poster for Rogue One was gorgeous, and had that classic Star Wars poster art style, the new one is even better.

I think I like it even more than the two Japanese posters. If those are Style A, romantic and classic and simple and powerful, the new poster is very Style B — action-filled and frenetic with clashing visual elements. It's just stunning. It does exactly what a poster is meant to do, and gets you excited.

This morning, I broke my usual strict rule of not watching a movie trailer more than once — I try to keep away from trailers at all, really, and go into a movie completely blank if I can. I break that rule very rarely, but the last film I did it for was The Force Awakens.

But this morning I watched the Rogue One trailer again. Then I watched it again, and then I looked at all the posters and production stills and behind-the-scenes footage. And I am hyped for Rogue One. I will remain that way until the first midnight screening on December 15th.

Image: Disney

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