LEGO's New Yellow Submarine Comes With Four Perfect Beatles Minifigs

You're going to want to set aside $80 for the first of November, because that's when the next fan-designed LEGO Ideas set will be available for sale featuring not only The Beatle's iconic Yellow Submarine, but also amazing minifig versions of Ringo, Paul, John and George.

The original version of LEGO's new 550+-piece Yellow Submarine set was created by a LEGO Ideas contributor named Kevin Szeto who's also an amateur musician and songwriter, and longtime fan of the The Beatles, not surprisingly. His creation achieved the necessary 10,000 fan votes to be considered by LEGO, who green-lighted the set for production last year.

The set's not exactly packed with features, but it also doesn't need to be since it looks like an absolutely wonderful recreation of The Beatle's Yellow Submarine, which is probably now stuck in your head on loop.

The top of the sub does come off allowing you to fit the four musicians inside, and the set also includes a minifig version of Jeremy Hilary Boob, although you'd have to have seen the 1968 animated film of the same name to understand why that's neat. However, there are no Blue Meanies in sight, which is a good thing for music, but probably a little disappointing for fans of the film.

[LEGO Ideas]

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