Suprise! Round The Twist Is On Netflix. All Of It.

Image: Supplied

This might not be news to everyone, but it's news to me: Round The Twist is on Netflix. All of it.

Thanks to Reddit Australia for informing me of this glorious news.

Here's the terrifying thing: it's been there all along. Every single season. How could I not know this.

Another thing I learned today: the first episode of Round The Twist is called 'Skeleton In The Dunny'. Which might be the most Australian turn of phrase in television history.

Something you're probably not aware of: I'm from the UK and Round The Twist was massive in the UK. It was part of early morning kids programming for years, particularly during summer holidays. Pretty much every British adult in their early 30s can sing the Round The Twist theme song in its entirety.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna fire up Netflix and cry lonely nostalgia tears while I watch this show.

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