Sony Xperia XZ: Australian Price And Release Date

Sony Xperia XZ: Australian Price And Release Date

Sony’s latest and greatest smartphone is the Xperia XZ, and it builds on a long history of more and more refined gadgets from one of the longest-lived smartphone brands. Sony says the XZ’s camera is better than ever, the phone’s battery will condition itself to last throughout the handset’s entire life, and like other high-end Sony phones it’s water and dust resistant. Keen? Read on to find out when you can get it and how much it’ll cost you.

Sony’s New Xperia XZ: A Subtle Evolution Of Classic Design

The Xperia XZ is the first true successor to the Xperia Z5, a slim phone that nonetheless hid high-end specs and a top-of-the-line camera. The phone that came before the XZ, Sony’s Xperia X Performance combined a high-megapixel camera and quad-core processor but hid that hardware in a thicker chassis. The Xperia XZ replaces the X Performance at the top of Sony’s line-up but all four phones — the XZ, X Performance, X and XA — will be sold alongside each other.

Telstra is the exclusive launch partner for the Xperia XZ in Australia, and will offer the phone on a $75 Go Mobile Plus plan or My Business Mobile plan with an additional $10 monthly phone replacement on a 24 month contract — the minimum total cost being $1800 over that period. Also available is a $95 per month variant of those those two plans with no monthly phone repayment and an overall cost of $2280 over 24 months.

The phone is available for preorder from today and will be sold only in Mineral Black through Telstra and JB, with Sony also selling a Forest Blue variant as well. The Xperia XZ will go on sale on October 20th, going directly up against Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL. The recommended retail price of the Sony Xperia XZ will be $999 outright, and it’ll be available from October 20 through both JB Hi-Fi and Sony’s own online store, kiosks and Sony Centres. [Sony]