Samsung's Galaxy Note7 Is Officially Banned From US And Australian Flights

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is Officially Banned From US Flights: Tell Us Your Stories

As of right this second, no one is allowed to bring a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onto a flight in the United States because they can combust. The same is true of all four major Australian carriers, too. If you're travelling and haven't had a chance to exchange your phone yet, this is going to be a big pain.

Photo: AP

Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tiger have all released statements on the new ban, which is on top of and beyond the previous "just turn your phone off and don't charge it" restriction:

While the United States' TSA and Aussie carriers will not be actively searching for the device at checkpoints, anyone caught trying to bring one onto a flight could have their Note7 confiscated and face a fine. Unless of course, that passenger decides to keep their explosive phone and just not fly. If a passenger is caught with the banned gadget mid-flight, they will be instructed to power it down and stow it.

Anyone who tries to check a Note 7 in their luggage could face prosecution — because that's a really reckless thing to do. Don't do this.

Did your phone get confiscated? Were you prosecuted? Did some jerk on your flight refuse to stop playing Candy Crush and turn his damn phone off? Let us know!

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