Plane Catches Fire At Airport On Fire Drill Day

A Twitter user at Chicago's O'Hare airport tweeted out a photo showing a plane on fire this morning. Popular conservative columnist Michele Malkin also tweeted out her own photo from a plane where she just landed. Ironically, this is the same day that O'Hare was conducting fire drills and telling people on social media not to be afraid if they saw anything unusual. But this one is legit.


The flight was American Airlines Flight 383 to Miami. All the passengers aboard the Boeing 767-300 were reportedly evacuated. There are reports that of the nine minor injuries, two of them might be more serious. American Airlines says that the plane had 161 passengers and nine crew members.

The FAA has confirmed that it was a blown tyre that caused an aborted take-off. It's still not clear what caused the fire, though they're saying that it was an "engine-related mechanical issue". A witness told the local ABC affiliate that there was an "explosion" on the right side of the plane and smoke started to fill the cabin.

More videos of the aftermath are popping up:

There are also more videos coming out online showing the perspective from inside the aircraft as people evacuated.

A ground stop was put in place but has since been lifted, though three runways remain closed. There are some delays for flights.

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