Movie Titles Translated Into A Foreign Language And Then Translated Back To English Are Hilarious

Things can get lost in translation, especially when something is translated to a foreign language and then translated back to the original language. Like movie titles. The Czech Republic can really get loose and wild with the names for American movies and finding out what some popular movies are called over there is pretty damn funny.

Vash Visuals compiled up some movie titles in foreign languages (like Czech and Chinese) and sometimes they kind of, not quite, but sort of make sense, like The Bourne Identity is Agent Without a Past and Clerks is The Young Men Behind the Counter.

Other times they're dark as hell, like The Hurt Locker becoming Death Waits Everywhere. Occasionally they're insensitive, with Beverly Hills Ninja being called Fatty from Beverly Hills, and Cool Runnings being Coconuts in the Snow.

But a lot of times it's just what the hell? Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is We Smoke, We See; Office Space is The Troubles of Mr. Sikula; and we're not even going to get into what American Pie is titled in the Czech Republic.

Check out more funny foreign movie titles here.

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