Microsoft Exec Gets Excited About Laptops: 'It's Just Exploding, It's Awesome To See' 

Video: Today, Microsoft devices chief Panos Panay spent nearly an hour extolling the virtues of his company's Surface products, including the gorgeous new Surface Studio. No joke, Panos loves these things. This is unhealthy love. Video by Melissa Murray

Panos is good at this! Unlike the other robots Microsoft trotted out to describe the latest features for Windows 10, Panos delivers his monologue about hardware with impassioned vigour. He's not reading the teleprompter. He struts and frets like a man possessed. How is it possible to be this obsessed with a computer? I'm not sure, but the guy makes the thing sound pretty amazing.


    Steve Jobs would have loved him. He's just another preacher getting all jizzed up about his own personal god. Seen it all before, but at least there's something tangible at he end of the day for the acolytes and congregation to paw over.

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    Part of the presentation looked dubbed in, the lip-sync was poor. Nearly as bad as Epic Theatre.

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