Man Terrifies Inflatable Tauntaun With Drone Of Imperial Probe Droid

Man Terrifies Inflatable Tauntaun With Drone Of Imperial Probe Droid

Sure, I could start an article about an impressive drone build of an Imperial Probe Droid saying “this IS the droid you’re looking for,” but that’s not what’s important here. Look at this tauntaun.

Image: Supplied

Look at him.

Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

That is the face of an animal who knows it’s over.

YouTuber ajw61185 has shared his latest Star Wars drone build, recreating the Viper Probe Droid from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back. According to the description, he built it on a standard quad drone using 3mm depron foam. It’s a really impressive design, and the quad gives the droid more natural movement than what we saw in the movie.

But what really matters is the poor tauntaun, whose life is tragically being cut short before he’s able to fulfil his destiny of having his stomach cut open to save Luke Skywalker’s life. He is a tauntaun whose purpose has gone unfulfilled, all because the droid confronted them before they could save Luke.

Luckily, the drone builder (dressed as Han) catches the drone in midair by the end of the video, saving our tauntaun from being reported to the Empire, or getting a laser blast to the face. And don’t tell me he didn’t have blasters, Viper probots were sometimes equipped with them. Anyway, close call!

OK tauntaun, you’re safe to now freeze to death. Hmm…that might actually be a worse way to go. Sorry my dear tauntaun, your life sucks no matter what. You can watch the video below, and if you need a tauntaun of your own, you can buy the inflatable costume here.