LG V20: Australian Price And Release Date

LG V20: Australian Price And Release Date
Images: LG

LG’s new V20 wants to take on the iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL. It’s one of the first phones that’ll launch with Android 7.0 Nougat in Oz, it inherits the funky dual camera setup from the G5, and it has a sizeable — and removable — battery. Here’s how much you’ll pay for LG’s latest and greatest Android phone, and when you’ll be able to pick one up in Australia.

The LG V20 is a successor of sorts to the G5. It doesn’t have that phone’s replaceable modules, but it does have the same dual rear camera setup with a 16-megapixel wide-angle f/1.9 lens and sensor alongside a 8-megapixel f/2.4 super-wide-angle. It’s a similar approach to what Apple has done with the iPhone 7 Plus, but both cameras have a wider field of view than the relatively telephoto Portrait mode of the iPhone.

The V20 is powered by a relatively up-to-date Snapdragon 820 quad-core with 4GB of RAM, and all phones will be delivered into Australia with 64GB of onboard storage as well as a microSD expandable memory card slot. That processor enables 4K video recording and electronic image stabilisation from the V20’s rear camera, and has chops in the audio department too with hi-fi audio recording and an ongoing partnership with B&O Play

LG will sell the V20 exclusively through JB Hi-Fi in Australia, with devices going on sale from November 8 for a $1099 RRP. [LG]