I Need A Video Game Exactly Like This

I Need A Video Game Exactly Like This

GoPro cameras are amazing for a couple of reasons. Prime among them is their ability to replicate what extreme athletes go through when they do whatever mental thing it is they do for a living.

In this case it’s mountain biking down a stupidly dangerous track. Very, very fast. Like insanely fast.

Someone make a video game like this please.

So much about this video unsettles me: the speed, the proximity of the shit that might kill you. But the thing — bizarrely — that freaks me out here is the breathing. You can hear the cyclist goddamn breathing. Breathing like you might breathe when you’re slamming it down a mountain at impossible speeds.

Perhaps the craziest thing about this video: Dan Atherton, the athlete featured, actually came second last. The guy who won this was 15 seconds faster.