How To Avoid Autocorrect Duck-Ups

How To Avoid Autocorrect Duck-Ups

You know what’s really ducking annoying? When your phone changes the word you were actually trying to say into “duck” or “ducking”. It happens all the time, and it’s ducking crap.

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Now, there’s an easy way to get around Apple’s censorship. Senior columnist at the Guardian (and apparent Burning Man attendee) Steven Thrasher recently tweeted this sweet hack to fix your phone’s aversion to the word “fuck”.

As Thrasher points out, if you add “fuck fucker” and “fucked fucking” as contacts, the iPhone will stop auto-correcting the the word “fuck” into variations of the word duck. What a relief!

I thought this hack was totally fascinating and helpful, but as Gizmodo night editor Eve Peyser points out, there’s another way to get around the stupid censorship. If you go to Settings, then General, then Keyboard, the Text Replacement, you can actually create your own auto-corrections and delete word the “ducking” altogether. Wow. Life changed forever.