Honest Trailers On Warcraft: The ‘World’s Most Expensive Unskippable Cutscene’

Honest Trailers On Warcraft: The ‘World’s Most Expensive Unskippable Cutscene’
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It was inevitable, really. The Warcraft movie was always going to be deconstructed by Honest Trailers and with plenty of material to gorge itself on and a keen understanding of the audience, it’s one of the better instalments in the HT series.

Personally, I didn’t think Warcraft was a terrible movie, but it wasn’t a good one either. I completely agree with the Honest Trailers’ assessment — the orcs were great, the humans less so and anyone unfamiliar with the game and its lore would definitely feel a little lost as the film doesn’t really give you the chance to get your bearings.

But we don’t watch HT videos for their in-depth criticism and philosophical musings. As expected, the commentary is joke-packed, including this corker:

“…begin your quest through the world’s most expensive unskippable cutscene.”

Yep, that’s quite the burn.

If you’re just interested in the Warcraft stuff, you can stop watching after the 3:53-minute mark — beyond this point it’s all unrelated promos.


Originally published on Kotaku Australia.