Here’s What’s Going On In The First ‘Logan’ Trailer

Here’s What’s Going On In The First ‘Logan’ Trailer

Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine (it’s Old Man Logan you guys!) and brings some serious goosebumps along for the ride in the new trailer for ‘Logan’. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve chucked it down below for you — then read on to see our breakdown of everything that’s happening (including some predictions, and maybe a touch of overthinking it).

What you’re looking at right there is the work of director James Mangold — a fittingly gritty, thrilling and somehow still sombre ride towards the end of Logan’s tale — and the start of Laura’s. That song — perfection. It’s a nod to Logan’s “country” influences and a tale of struggle with the everyday. It’s clear from the outset this film is heavily influenced by Steve McNiven and Mark Millar’s comic masterpiece “Old Man Logan” — set in a future where villains rule the world.

“Mutants — they’re gone now.” The funeral scene with Logan, alone, leaves us wondering who is farewelling — I mean, safe to say it’s probably one of the X-Men, given the solemn helpless nature of everything that’s happening. In case it’s not clear — Logan is old now. People are dying. He is aging, Charles Xavier is aging, Logan can’t recover from injuries like he used to and Professor X is losing control over his abilities. What hope does the world have?

“She’s like you. Very much like you.” IT’S X-23 HELL YEAH! Old Logan, meet young Laura. In the comics she’s Wolverine’s clone and we only see her after Logan’s death. So seeing them interact on screen, and develop a bond is downright beautiful. We don’t see her claws, any real evidence of her powers in this trailer, or even that she is a clone of Logan (she may very well not be in this film) but I’ll bet anything we see her kick some serious butt by the end of this film.

As for the bad guys? That’s the Reavers — in the comics they are a bunch of rag-tag criminals put together by Donald Pierce on a personal mission to wipe out all mutants. Oh, and they also happen to be cybernetiaclly enhanced. So cybernetic enhancements = ok. Mutations = bad. These guys aren’t the brightest, but it looks like they have government backing in Logan. This isn’t good news.

Of course it’s not all wistful environment shots, menacing glances and hand holding in this trailer — there’s an action packed car-chase here too, but oh boy, there’s a lot to unpack here. Professor X wants Wolvie to look after Laura. He needs him to pick up the slack and be a hero. He needs him to do what he no longer can. Guys, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of the former head of the School For The Gifted after this film.

If the tone of this trailer is anything to go by, Logan is a little more dusty, a little more violent, and a whole lot more tugging on the heartstrings than previous Wolverine films have shown. Despite the hit-and-miss nature of the X-Men cinematic universe, I’m seriously pumped to see this play out on the screen.