Here's Some Lovely Rogue One Art

Force Friday wasn't just about toys. It's about Disney and Lucasfilm finally unveiling Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to the world. Part of that is toys (which are kind of important to the Star Wars DNA), but it's also games and books — and art, both physical and digital. First up, the physical. Acme Archives, one of the companies with the official Star Wars licence, revealed three new pieces of Rogue One art in addition to a ton of non-Rogue One art for Force Friday. Here's the Rogue One stuff.

AT-ACT on the Shor by Kim Gromoll

Death Trooper by Santi Casas

Scarif Forces by Rob Kaz

For more on those pieces, and the non-Rogue One stuff, click here.

Plus, my former favourite app Star Wars Card Trader rang in Force Friday with a bunch of cool new cards from the film.

And really, that's just the start of it. A little taste. You can see more in the Star Wars Card Trader App for Android and iOS.

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