Hammond, Clarkson & May’s The Grand Tour Has A New Sort-Of-Stig

Hammond, Clarkson & May’s The Grand Tour Has A New Sort-Of-Stig

Video: Well, sort of. He’s actually the Stig, but not any more. And especially not on The Grand Tour.

In another teaser for the seriously-actually-imminent first season of The Grand Tour — which hasn’t yet been confirmed for Aussie TV screens, although we’re confident that Foxtel or one of the free-to-air networks will pick it up — Hammond, Clarkson and May have some big stonking forced-induction supercars to test.

To do that, they need a tame racing driver a racing driver. And that driver? Ben Collins, former Stig for the BBC’s Top Gear — y’know, back when it was being hosted by… Hammond, Clarkson and May.

Including a quick dig at Fifth Gear host (and racing driver) Tiff Needell, this video gives us our best idea yet of what The Grand Tour is actually going to be like — and what that is seems really very quite like Top Gear, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Incredible cinematography, a bit o’ banter between the lads, and some fast cars going very sideways around a track. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

It doesn’t look like Ben Collins slash the Stog slash the guy who told the world he was the Stig when the world didn’t know is sticking around for The Grand Tour beyond this segment, but who knows at this point. Maybe he’s a new host. [YouTube]