Google's New 4K Chromecast Ultra Is Way Fast

Google has sold more than 30 million Chromecasts for the simple reason that it's a super easy, super cheap way to get the stuff you're watching on your computer or your phone onto your TV. Now it's getting an upgrade for the TVs of tomorrow. The new Chromecast Ultra isn't a necessary upgrade for anyone, but it's an obvious step forward for the gadget. The new dongle supports 4K and HDR content. It might not be standard today, but it will be in the future. The biggest change anyone will notice is that the new Chromecast is 1.8 times faster than its predecessor. No more laggy connectivity. Chromecast Ultra will be available later this year for $99.


    Does this one have any advantages over the regular chromecast if you don't have a 4K TV with HDR?

      Better processor and Wifi chipset should make it a smoother experience no matter the resolution of your screen

        Good to know thanks, I was looking at getting a Chromecast so I will probably wait and get this one instead.

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    I have the 4K Netflix plan. So if I was to cast say Luke Cage from the netflix app on my iPad, would the Chromecast stream it in 4K or only 1080p?

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      1080p, netflix currently only allows tv apps to do 4k HDR

        Except Netflix Android, Xbox, PS4, etc...

    But he asked if he used the app on his iPad (that's not on the TV) and Chromecast it on the TV. Therefore it should be in 4K???

    Edit: Meant to be reply to @kingsly

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    I think the Chromecast 2 which is was released pretty recently is still good enough, and if you have a 4K TV do you even need a chromecast.

      Don't know of any TV without a Netflix app... Mine has a Netflix button. Works fantastically in 4k.

        Mine has a Netflix app, slow and no 4k. I'd rather use an external device I plan on updating more often.

          Surprising. So a 4K TV with a Netflix app that doesn't do 4K. Seems crazy.

            Yea, too old for HDR too, but at least it's HDMI 2.0 and hdcp 2.2. 4k Netflix devices need a hardware HEVC decoder to be approved. I don't have one. Then again I always hate smart tv apps, they're slow, clunky, and support ends long before I expect to replace such an expensive device. plenty the same age as mine on hdmi 1.4 and without hdcp 2.2. They can't play DRM 4k content at all, and only have 30fps with lower colour range in 4k. An even messier roll-out than "hd" and "full hd".

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