Gizmodo's Static Podcast: How To Become The Citizen Of A Space Nation

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Does eSports have an image problem, is it legal to become a citizen of a space nation, Giz Explains self driving cars plus we answer your question: are you addicted to any mobile games?

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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Kotaku Australia's Alex Walker, Lifehacker Australia's Hayley Williams and Gizmodo Australia's Campbell Simpson.

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    While we have CEO's that lie to the media the day after a major tragedy I will not be able to fully trust self driving cars.

      got a source or example of this one?

        Standard Internerd response #3: Don't believe it, and/or respond with mockery until web link seen; after web link seen, brain switches to believe it mode.

      So because 1 CEO lied, Therefore all CEO's cannot be trusted? By that logic i could say all Australians are pedophiles because Rolf Harris is in jail for being one.

    As a motorcyclist I trust self driving cars more than people.

      Except that a self driving car will show no remorse if it has to swerve into you, a person
      may think twice.....may think twice.

        People are too busy watching their speedo to avoid fines in between sms and facebook to see motorcyclists. A self driving car will sacrifice the occupants for others!

          If they are on Facebook in the car I hope the self driving car makes that decision to benefit of humanity.

          Last edited 30/10/16 3:50 pm

    Frankly nationalism and space are idiocy. The very Idea you are US citizens simply for being born on a US space station is like suggesting anyone born on the back seat of a Ford is American by virtue of the vehicle being made in the USA. How long before Mexicans start getting American citizenship for their kids by giving birth in the back of a Ford?

      No, Its not like that at all, If the US government declares that space station as part of the USA. They can certainly do such things.

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