Dwayne Johnson Keeps Pranking Kevin Hart On Jumanji Set

Dwayne Johnson Keeps Pranking Kevin Hart On Jumanji Set

As Jumanji has started to wrap up production, Dwayne Johnson’s continued to bless us with his Instagram. While we’re still on the fence about the movie itself, Johnson’s on-set pranks against co-star Kevin Hart are a sight to behold. He always looks like he’s having way more fun than anyone else.

Johnson posted a few of his set shenanigans on Instagram, and they’re mostly him just fucking with Hart over and over again. Whether it’s jumping out of his car and screaming “Hey Mother Fucker!“, making him “shit his pants” a little, or throwing a rubber spider on him right before filming- because apparently Hart hates bugs. And again, Johnson wants to make him shit his pants.

While I’m sure it’s playful banter between cast-mates, it might also be revenge for the time when Hart’s penis was plastered to Johnson’s back for hours while they filmed a segment where Johnson’s character carries Hart’s on his back. He was not happy about that.

Seriously, Johnson is one of the coolest guys on the internet, and possibly in existence. And he might very well be the saving grace of Jumanji, which is still plagued with a weird video game plot, more emphasis on the adults than the kids, and leather straps on Karen Gillan’s boobs. Why do her boobs need straps if she’s already wearing a bra? I’m so confused.