Dozens Of Fan Artists ‘Re-Animate’ Classic Spider-Man Cartoon.

Dozens Of Fan Artists ‘Re-Animate’ Classic Spider-Man Cartoon.

More than 70 artists came together to reimagine a 12-minute episode of Spider-Man, and the result is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Spider-Man Re-Animate, produced by Grantray Lawrence Animation and posted on Vimeo by editor Ron Doucet, takes dozens of classic, modern, and obscure animation styles and seamlessly integrates them into the Spider-Man episode, “Vulture’s Prey.” The video was created by animators from Nova Scotia and was originally presented at the Nocturne at Night arts festival in Canada.

Earlier this month, Marvel and Disney announced at New York Comic-Con that a new Spider-Man series, Marvel’s Spider-Man, would premiere in 2017. It’s doubtful that any of these animation styles would be integrated into the new show, but it demonstrates how something as simple as “Human Spider defeats an Evil Vulture” can be interpreted in so many creative ways.

If anything else, it gave us this GIF. You’re welcome.