DC’s New Action Figures Include A Triumvirate Of Awesome Female Superheroes

DC’s New Action Figures Include A Triumvirate Of Awesome Female Superheroes

Next January, Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl finally gets the action figure she deserves, and she’s joined by a fellow CW heroine, and a really unique take on Wonder Woman. May god have mercy on your wallets.

DC Collectibles has released some new images of its upcoming 2017 solicits — and while some are familiar announcements first shown off at San Diego Comic-Con or Toy Fair earlier this year, there are a few notable new toys. First up is TV’s Supergirl, who was actually revealed in June ahead of Comic-Con, but she’s undergone a major retweaking. When she was first revealed, she… uh… let’s just say she didn’t look much like Melissa Benoist. At all.

Now, she actually does — and even comes with some extra accessories to depict her in flight, including splayed out hands and a new head that, honestly, on its own, looks like it’s part of a giant drone army that for inexplicable reasons is shaped like Melissa Benoist’s head:

I kind of love that the alternate hands could just as easily be repurposed as jazz hands, which is totally something this Supergirl would do.

Joining Kara in the world of DC TV action figures is Vixen — specifically Arrow‘s Vixen, not the older incarnation that’s set to show up on Legends of Tomorrow as part of the Justice Society of America:

But rounding out the triad of awesome female figures is a hero not from the TV world. Instead, it’s a continuation of DC’s excellent “Blue Line” series that’s already given us a Superman and Batman figure that basically looks like a drawing come to life:

This time it’s Jim Lee’s Wonder Woman who gets the treatment, and even if it’s the third time DC have done a toy like this, it’s still amazing. The texture work on the hair as a 3D sculpt is remarkable. I really wish there were more comic book action figures done in this style!

Supergirl and Vixen will set you back $US28 ($37), with Wonder Woman coming in at $US40 ($52), and will be released in May next year.