Custom Chess Sets Let You Play With Your Favourite US City's Famous Landmarks

For those who don't live under a monarchy, memorising the ranks of queens, kings, bishops and other pieces makes learning chess that much harder. But swap out royalty and peasants with buildings from famous US cities, and all you really need to know is that taller is better.

Designed by Etsy seller AberuizDesign, these 3D-printed chess sets are available for your favourite US city, as long as your favourite US city is either San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle or Los Angeles. It's not clear why New York isn't included, but presumably that city's landmarks are a copyright nightmare.

The chess piece city sets run anywhere from $127 to $258 depending on the complexity of the miniaturised architecture, but you'll also want to factor in the cost of a matching wooden magnetic chessboard that's an additional $66. So it's probably best to leave this one for your Christmas wish list and let someone else pay for it.

[Etsy via The Awesomer]

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