Cult Sensation Vampire Web Series Carmilla Is Getting Its Own Movie

YouTube series Carmilla — based on the 19th century lesbian vampire tale, but updated to a modern-day university setting — will get its own feature after it wraps up its third and final season. The jump to movie is based in no small part on the show’s incredibly devoted fan base, which has boosted it to over 50 million views.

The film will star the original cast, including leads Elise Bauman (Laura) and Natasha Negovanlis (Carmilla); it will involve a mystery plot set five years after the series ends, and series co-creator and writer Jordan Hall is on board to co-write the script.

The movie isn’t due until spring 2017, but Carmilla superfans — mostly women ages 18-24 — can already pre-order the film at Carmilla‘s Vimeo VHX page, with a variety of fan-service extras (bloopers, signed scripts) to choose from. And that’s not all; Variety, which broke the film news, notes that production company Smokebomb Entertainment is further plotting its tidal wave of Carmilla, with a stage show, a TV series and a jewellery line in the pipeline. What, no creampuffs?