Clown Pranksters Have Already Killed The Only Good Joke Of 2016

Clown Pranksters Have Already Killed the Only Good Joke of 2016

Amidst a year widely recognised as a near-humorless slog, a Wisconsin uncle brought us a fleeting moment of joy this week, attaching a silly-arse skeleton to a quadcopter and buzzing passersby. As a great poet once foretold, however, poor Death hast died.

Photos: Twitter/Zac Crueger

Just a day after the uncle's heroic efforts to "[fuck] with people" were first publicized, the "evil clown" jokers have already ruined it with their bullshit, doing the same thing but infinitely wacker.

"[R]eport of a 5ft #clown figure flying in the sky over houses," wrote @pdxalerts, a Twitter account monitoring Portland-area emergency scanners, Tuesday evening, "possibly hanging from a drone."

Rest in peace, wacky shit suspended from drones, you were far too pure for this wicked Earth.


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