Brilliant Trash Stomping Robot Takes Care Of Your Nastiest Chore

Like most of Colin Furze’s creations, the Stomp O Matic trash compactor almost ends up self-destructing in a ball of flames. But not before it successfully takes care of one of the grossest chores on anyone’s to-do list: stomping down the garbage in your trashcan can so you can squeeze even more garbage into it.

The Stomp O Matic, made from an old grinder and a discarded mannequin, might not be one of Furze’s most outlandish creations, but it’s undoubtedly one of his most practical. Anyone will see the benefit of this magnificent creation, if they have ever had to stomp down their rotting leftovers and aged milk cartoons in order to tie the garbage bag and get it out of your life. Where do we send our credit card info?