Being A Truckie In Australia Really Sucks

Video: Imagine your job is to drive for a living. Not just through the city or the suburbs, but out on the highway over hundreds of kilometres, with dozens of tonnes of cargo. Now, imagine that the roads you're driving on are filled with very stupid people. This is what you have to put up with.

Dash Cam Owners Australia has stopped doing its monthly On The Road roundup videos, but this is a close second best. It's a compilation of the kind of things that truckies have to deal with — cars swerving in front of them to change lanes, pulling up too quickly in gaps that are too small, not paying attention at all, and otherwise just generally being useless.

Honestly, being a truck driver in Australia looks hard.

P.S What's the best thing about being a truckie in November? Only three sleeps 'til Christmas.

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