Apple's New TV App Is Worthless Without Netflix And Amazon Video

Apple's New TV App Is Worthless Without Netflix and Amazon Video

Apple announced a new TV app for Apple TV, and it's basically going to be useless. The TV app is supposed to keep track of all the shows you watch across apps available on Apple TV, but there's a huge catch. The TV app will not include Netflix or Amazon Video, two of the most popular subscription video streaming services.

To be fair, Amazon has never had an app on Apple TV. That's probably because the company has been too busy working on its own competing devices in the Fire TV stick and Fire TV. Amazon also quietly banned Apple TV from its website back in October 2015.

But Apple doesn't have much of an excuse for leaving out Netflix. The streaming service has long been considered the most important (and for some people, the only important) streaming service available. It's also surely one of the most popular apps on Apple TV. Yet, Apple casually left out whether Netflix would be included in its keynote speech today. Wired later confirmed with Netflix spokesperson that it will not be included.

So what does that mean? Well, for starters, you can still watch Netflix on your Apple TV, but you'll have to use the regular Netflix app rather than the new TV app. You can't watch Amazon Video at all on your Apple TV, again, because Amazon hasn't built an app. So if the new TV app is meant to show you all of your favourite streaming shows, your not going to see a single thing from Netflix or Amazon on there. For me, that basically renders Apple's fancy new TV app useless.

Apple also showed off the app's ability to stream news, sports, and other services, but it's important to note that those services will also require their own logins to authenticate, just like regular Apple TV apps. So, in order to get the most out of the TV app, you'll need to be a subscriber to a bunch of other services or you're just stuck with the iTunes Store. These limitations are not exactly what cord-cutters like myself are looking for.

If you were thinking this new app would be a killer feature for Apple TV, think again. It's actually going to be pretty limited without two of the most popular streaming services at launch. So if you're looking for an intelligent way to discover new shows and keep track of your favourites, you're probably better off sticking to the Netflix and Amazon Video home pages for now.

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    Pretty sure even Microsoft have Hulu on board with deeper Cortana integration, but not Netflix.

    Just buy a chromecast and be done with it.

      Chromecast only works for streaming things though right?

        And pretty poorly from an iPhone or Windows.

          Why would the Chromecast download a shittier version of the Netflix app based on what phone you are using? That makes no sense at all. What benefit could Netflix have by having to service multiple versions of a Chromecast app?

          iPhone "Chromecast, I'd like you to play this movie from Netflix"
          Chromecast "I see you are an iPhone. Hold on, I'll just load up a shittier version of Netflix for you".

            No, the chromecast just does less if you don't have an Android, with the API required to be baked into individual apps rather than already being there at the OS level, it simply isn't. Not Netflix specifically, just that overall there are more apps allowing you to do more from Android. Also from memory you can only stream 4k Netflix to the new Chromecast from Android, but that's probably just an update thing.

              Netflix doesn't stream from your phone though. The Chromecast fetches a lightweight Netflix app from the web and starts it up, then uses that to play everything. Your phone is a glorified remote. I can't see any reason why it would limit 4K to certain remotes.

              As for the API being baked into the OS, you can cast the phone display which is not really that useful after the novelty wears off. And there are a bunch of really bad chromecast apps (namely the Aus TV channel apps) which seem to be unable to sort things out very well. Not sure if they are calling this API or not.

                Even Spotify seems to just keep working on my Android, or play like 6 songs and shit itself from my iPhone.

    Anything apple makes post Steve jobs seems to be useless (source: me, ex-apple fanboy of some 20+ years)

      Steve Jobs isn't dead, he just works at Microsoft now.

        if only.. (i'm also disapointed @ the microsoft studio imac clone thingy); while i think the screen is great; i'm really wondering why they didn't just release that, instead of bundling it with a sub-standard PC.. (as a creative i like my pc's fast; my current rig is an unlocked i7, with 64gb ram, 1080 gpu & more SSD's then you can throw a stick at..

    Basically, people who misuse the word basically are basically useless. Like this TV app.

    An erroneously parochial decision. Objectivity was overruled by narrow-mindedness.

    I agree with the author. Apple TV is worthless without Netflix and Amazon. I'm on my third Apple TV since it has broken twice under warranty. I finally got sick of going to the Apple Store to get a new apple tv only to see it break in a couple months. Switched to ROKU and put the apple tv in a drawer. I've been a big apple fan since 1983 but this is one product that has never been very good. ROKU even has a device that makes your old tv work again.

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