Massive Millennium Falcon Drone Has A Tiny Han Solo And Chewie In The Cockpit

Massive Millennium Falcon Drone Has A Tiny Han Solo And Chewie In The Cockpit

Air Hogs’ drones might not be as capable or manoeuvrable as those from companies like DJI and even GoPro now, but they’re incredibly easy for the average consumer to fly. And more importantly, they’re available in versions that look like famous sci-fi spaceships, including this giant new flying Millennium Falcon.

This version of the Falcon measures in at an impressive 70cm long making it large enough to include details like a glowing hyperdrive, lights and sounds and even a miniature version of Chewbacca and Han Solo in the cockpit.

To make it especially easy to fly, the $US110 ($144) Millennium Falcon drone, which includes a 2.4GHz remote control with a 76m range, also features a barometric pressure sensor allowing it to remain locked to a specific altitude at all times. It’s like having an invisible tether that prevents the drone from just completely flying away from you at warp speeds.

Also available soon for $US150 ($196) is a new Air Hogs Star Wars Speeder Bike drone that features similar height-lock technology as the Millennium Falcon drone allowing it to fly close to the ground just like it did in Return of the Jedi while racing through the forests of Endor.

The Speeder Bike’s 2.4GHz wireless controller boasts a range topping out at around 60m, and the vehicle includes a Stormtrooper rider to help add to the realism. It’s probably just as susceptible to being destroyed in a head-on collision with a tree, but at least you don’t have to worry about Ewok attacks while you’re out flying it — unless you live on Endor.

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