You Can Try The iPhone 7 Plus’ Coolest Camera Feature Now

You Can Try The iPhone 7 Plus’ Coolest Camera Feature Now

Apple has released the first public beta for iOS 10.1. In addition to fixing some niggling bugs, it adds a beta version of the new “Portrait” feature for owners of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Image: AP

Portrait mode uses both then normal wide-angle lens from the iPhone 7 Plus and its secondary “telephoto” lens to create a depth-of-field effect. This feature is very much in beta, as Apple warns you from the very beginning.

By default, any photo you take in “Portrait” mode will also save a non-blurred background version to your camera roll too. You can preview the effect in real-time.

Image: Christina Warren/Gizmodo. On the left is a photo without the portrait mode enabled. On the right, you can see Portrait mode. Notice that the building in the background is fuzzier, while Bryan and William remain in focus.

To get the beta, you’ll need to be enrolled in the iOS 10 beta program. You can sign up by going here and logging in with your Apple ID. Next, you’ll need to download the configuration profile on your iOS device. Even though this is a public beta, it’s a good idea to back up your phone via iTunes or to iCloud before you do this, just in case something bad happens.