Why Watch Snowden When You Can Hear Its Plot Sung By Former Genesis Frontman Peter Gabriel?

Video: Yesterday, Oliver Stone's hump-filled reenactment of the life of NSA leaker Edward Snowden opened in theatres across the country. You might not know it, though, as audiences overwhelmingly opted to watch Tom Hanks plow through some geese instead. And why wouldn't they? Two hours is a long time to sit watching a story that got the definitive documentary treatment almost two years ago. Luckily, "The Veil", Peter Gabriel's terrible new single written especially for Snowden, does the job about as well and clocks in at under four minutes.

With lines like, "Some say you're a patriot, some call you a spy / An American hero or a traitor that deserves to die," the song largely fails as an artistic endeavour, but as a synopsis of the movie it's — well, still pretty bad, to be honest.

Still, it's better than the single Snowden himself released earlier this year, which was no "Sledgehammer" either.

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