These International Rogue One Posters Are Just The Best

Simple. Elegant. Those are just two of the words that come to mind when you look at this brand new Japanese poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It certainly shares more than a few traits with the American teaser poster, but this one just seems to say more with less. We have a new character, in a new environment, and she's overshadowed by something we all recognise: The Death Star. More than almost any piece of marketing we've seen yet, this image explains what Rogue One is.

The official Star Wars Twitter also revealed a Korean poster which, for our money, is a tad less cool, simply because it feels even more Photoshopped. Still, it's got the rest of the gang (including K-2SO) and it's pretty eye-catching.

Which do you like better?

Rogue One opens in Australia on December 15.


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