Thermal Photography Shows Even Pizza Emits Radiation

Thermal Photography Shows Even Pizza Emits Radiation

These beautiful photographs of fast food were taken by Brea Souders using a radiometric thermal camera. They demonstrate that all matter with a temperature greater than absolute zero emits electromagnetic waves — no microwave oven required. And that Day-Glo Warholish quality is more than appropriate for junk food.

Photos Courtesy Brea Souders and VSCO

The work was commissioned by VSCO. The company made a post that goes into a little more detail about thermography:

A quality camera will record a specific temperature for each pixel in the image, with an accuracy of plus or minus 2 °C. Since the camera can detect minute differences in temperature and then assign a corresponding colour to that temperature, relatively crisp images are rendered.

Below, you can see radiating hot dogs, fries, ice cream and a breakfast plate. Even more examples of glowing death food can be found here.

Hot dogs in buns with ketchup & mustard.

French fries in a paper tray.

A scoop of ice cream in a cake cone.

Classic breakfast plate of sausage, toast & a sunny-side up egg.